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Poetry Potion has been my passion for the past ten years. This space is about finding new voices and giving them a platform to share their work. It’s about making the access to poetry easier for readers from around the world. I hoped that by showcase different voices, even those who feel like they don’t get poetry would find something that would resonate with them.

I am proud that this space has welcomed both established and new voices from all over the world. I’ve even had the privilege to speak to some great minds about their work. I’m especially proud that in 2013, Poetry Potion went into print – this was the original dream for Poetry Potion and it took me five years to see it happen.

In recent years, other work has distracted me from Poetry PotionBlack Letter Media is more than just a publishing company and television work is what I’m consumed by these days. I’ve been wishing for a while to bring in other talent, brains to add to the vision of Poetry Potion and I’m glad that I am now able to do that.

As we gear up to celebrate ten years of Poetry Potion, I’m excited to announce that Poetry Potion will be getting a long overdue make over and I can’t wait to reveal the new look. The soon to be launched eleventh print quarterly will reveal the new journal look and in due time will launch the new website.

Right now, though, I am excited to introduce, that we have a new editor who’ll be taking over from me – Richard “Quaz” Roodt.

Quaz has been one of the most dynamic poets to ever exist in the Johannesburg poetry scene. Many know him for his work in organising open mics as part of the Likwid Tongue collective or poetry festivals for UJ or as a mentor and a facilitator of poetry and creative writing workshops or as poet working in both English and Afrikaans or better yet at an emcee. his work has travelled far beyond the borders of South Africa. He is as passionate about poetry on the page as he is about it on the stage. He has a great instinct for poetry and I’m looking forward to the vision he is creating for Poetry Potion.

I know that Quaz is going to is set to breath some much needed energy into this publication.

Look out for more announcements about our new look, celebrating our ten-year anniversary and the new print edition.

Thank you to all the poets who have trusted us with their work, here’s to ten more years of mixing it up!



founder of Poetry Potion



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