We have been handicapped by Onatola Adebimpe

Onatola Adebimpe | July 15th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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My tender skin feels and tells, only that,
Ajala’s have been made handicapped
Not by the blessings of the Most high
or by the predictions of the oracle
but by the dealings of the Mighty mortal
and now the land is shattered and scattered
by the ones we thought were the legitimate leaders
The mighty one is the provoked one
so Mighty mortal is angered by the walks, the talks,
the chants of all Ajala’s
so they can talk no more, they can travel no more
so I wonder, why Mighty mortal ?
for what can the Ajala’s do wthout their legs
Ajala’s are meant to travel all over the world
but only in this land of democracy
can we be caught up in the trap of tyranny
that when Ajala’s use their feet to protest, it is deemed a war
even when starved by basic neccessities, even yet our rights
so I’m provoked,
but all I can do is make things travel with words
Mighty Mortal agrees that we are Ajala’s but we cannot have legs
He says we can have spirit but not essence
he calls our portrayed complaints a caricature and a drama
so he yells at us to dwell in his nightiness and if we don’t
more Ajala’s shall exist without legs

Ajala was a Nigerian scholar known for travelling all over the world, used as a symbol in the poetry.

Poet Bio

Onatola Adebimpe is a law student of the University of Lagos. She finds delight in poetry and non fictions and gets her inspiration from the society.

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