Wear a smile like a matador by Nkateko Tshabalala

Nkateko Tshabalala | Nov 2nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Vices of the virtues of honor
Bleeding from the stabs that poison the soul
It is a burden to bear courage
Floating lanterns drift towards dreams
We betray promises that we never made
A torture of silence is the destiny of a broken spirit
Vengeance is a tale of a cursed enchantment
Bewildered by the secrets of smiles
We accept defeat as a gift wrapped with rebirth
Wait in the shed of an eclipse and open your heart.

Wear a smile like a matador
The heart beats like a thousand hooves of raging bulls
Drown in the darkness
Shape the light
Fuel your infatuation
Stare into the eyes of the horns that want to ravage and pierce your peace
Let your soul wander
Enchant the wilderness of pain.

Poet Bio

Aspiring writer
I do not chase dreams
I construct realities


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