Welcome to the Dark side by Terrence Valashiya

Terrence Valashiya | August 7th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Come over to the dark side
The voices call with intriguing calamity
They draw you closer to death
The heir to hell’s ecstasy
They welcome you to a land of no return

They grope your soul with dreary hands
Their whispers penetrate the darkness
And seep slowly into your spirit
Calling you deeper into deviancy
They invite you to the shadows

Their enchantment creeps into your soul
Your spine shudders, your skin crawls
Your body quivers, your hair tightens
And your spirit trembles with terror
Your existence is torn apart

And in your mind you hear,
The blood curling screams and,
The agonized groans of tormented souls
They call you over, again, again they call
They accept your presence and pull you

You try to resist, something urges you on
You take a step forward then another
And this time you hear them clearly
The chant your name and something else
Welcome to the dark side.

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