We’re Sponsoring Prizes for Lover + Another Poetry Challenge

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Poetry Potion is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring prizes for the 2013 Lover + Another Poetry Challenge. This year’s challenge explores issues of gender roles, love and sexuality with the theme “Man.Woman.Any[Queer]ies?” .

This year, the winner of Drama For Life’s Lover + Another Poetry Challenge will walk away with a copy of each of the Poetry Potion quarterly journals themed On Being Human, Every Generation and Poetry is Not a Luxury and two short story collections, Voices from My Clan and Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story Volume 1. Both collections are published by Black Letter Media. “This is just a small nod to the poets,” said editor, duduzile zamantungwa mabaso. “We’re starting small with plans to go big next year and really honour these awesome young poets.”

From the Lover + Another Poetry Challenge we expect to hear fresh, bold, emotional and daring poetry. We expect poetry that will touch the audience and stir something inside of them. That will make them laugh, cry and think. This is the kind of poetry that we love, support and stand behind.

We’re inspired by the Afrikan proverb says “until the lion learns to speak, the tale of the hunt will be told by the hunter” and on the 12 October, we look forward to hearing these young Afrikan lions tell their own stories.

Lover + Another Poetry Challenge will be held on the 12 October, at Hillbrow Theatre. The show starts 19h30 and entrance is free.

So, poetry lovers come and enjoy a night filled with amazing poetry.

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