We’ve had enough by SleepyPanda

SleepyPanda | August 16th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

We are a generation of guinea pigs,
Victims of your social experiments.
You continue to fight amongst yourselves,
Using us as your punching bags.

We are a generation that sings along
To songs of misery and suicide.
But you do not listen, you do not hear.
You can’t accept that you might be wrong.

We are a generation that has had enough.
If you push us, we will push back.
So never you mind our anger and fury.
We’re only doing it because you made us rough.

Poet Bio

SleepyPanda is the alter ego of a former teacher and a current student. He knew he wanted to be a writer from the moment a teacher in high school put his short story up on the wall. Writing provides him with the opportunity to share those stories he usually only shares with himself. It has been a long journey with few successes, but it remains a dream that gets him through the humdrum of everyday life. In the end, what could we ever possibly hope to be if we do not dream?

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