What If by Sibusiso Ndebele

Sibusiso Ndebele | July 30th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


What if it takes seven millenniums until the universe sings our songs?
What if it takes seven centuries for the earth to dance with us?
What if it takes seven decades for the world to memorise our poems?
What if it takes seven years to know that your blood is not your own?
What if it takes seven months for one to recognize the mirrors outside their homes?
What if it takes seven weeks of being weak?
Or seven days, perhaps hours, or minutes or seconds to realise that you are the whole?

Poet Bio

Sibusiso Ndebele, born and raised in Johannesburg, is a property consultant, spoken word writer and performer. Initially went into university to study BCom with specialisation in law because of his interest in business and the arts, the laws and regulation that govern the industry. During his university years, he became open to the broadness of poetry writing and performance and has been learning, always looking to expand and improve in his art. His interest in poetry and performance was fuelled by his love for music, he believes that the two art forms are similar in many ways. In 2017, he took part in the Word and sound poetry league and placed top 5 for the year. Because of this stage, he made friends who soon turned to colleagues, and are now working in a group/poetry ensemble, doing amazing collaborations and a lot of poems. The ensemble uses multimedia to offer their audience a cinematic experience.

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