What is a life lived in caution? by Batia Efrat

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Run from a life that is fail-safe,
run from a life that is without risk,
to know the magnitudes of our existence
we must be willing to go the distance.
Listen to love’s song 
when it is calling,
embrace the air 
as you are falling.
Too many years spent on the ground,
anchored down by fear,
today I welcome love with open arms
and allow myself to hold you dear.
Vulnerability keeps us jaded,
the chance of failure keeps us caged 
but what is a life
that is devoid of love?
What is the ocean
without waves?
What is the sky without its clouds,
what is winter without rain?
What is sunlight ‚Ä®without the dark?
What is the night without the stars?
What is a life
lived in caution,
what is fate without fortune?

Poet Bio

Batia is a writer of many things, poetry being her favourite. Her themes delve into the messiness of the human condition which is reflected through her unstructured but rhythmic style.

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