What shall we do by Mmangwedi

Mmangwedi | November 15th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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It’s scorching as I dance isipantsula next to these robots,
I have no water but as you drive by, give me two rand my brother,
Look how good I dance my sister,
don’t shut your car windows on me white man!
Give me two rand my brother, I’m hungry,
just two rand man,
Look how good I dance,
Look how good I move,
Look at my footwork,
Look how I swiftly I sway my black and white All star Converse,
Give me two rand please man,
Don’t shut your SUV window in my face Karen!
Just give me two rand man

Poet Bio

Kebotlhale Motseothata is a scholar of African Literature and a multidisciplinary writer, poet, journalist and researcher.

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