When Love Has Been by Thabang Ngoma

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I’ll be a distant memory
A dream that was and is now a tragedy
An event
A disappointment
Something sorry, unwise and naïve
Nothing worthy of your love

The heart you once felt
The hearts that have since all left
The hand you once held
Let go to save yourself a bitter end

There’s no fence in my defense
There was only defiance when you took a chance
Because the rain dance you danced was answered, yes
In all the red from lips you wore and the glow of your dresses
In the form of a storm
Now all’s washed away in a foam
And when the raindrops soon extinguish the flame
Who…? Love’s to blame!

Forgive my confession of sin yet unseen
Accept my obvious lack of a backbone of real man
When you died in my pillow
And lost your head like a broken arrow
When I lied in a serenade
And lost my heart when we laid

Yes, I loved you when love did come
No, I loved you when love did harm
Yes, I love until the heart overwhelm
No, I love until the end romance’s paradigm

Remember me,
Forget us because we
Were never meant to be
Forgive yourself in spite of what true love didn’t see
You are free from being her slave
Then again, forget me, you were truly brave

Poet Bio

An aspiring writer. Long distance runner. Sketch artist. Team leader.


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