when the (heart) beat drops by deadpoet

deadpoet | July 29th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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I am the love child of wisdom and fate
Suckling on the everlasting tits of creativity
And her hips curved like her emotions roller-coaster
Swaying our minds through the motions
And like the former, her center lays still like
Blue illusion a chemical fusion between hope and vanity
To provide the heads with an untapped energy source used by the Jedi knights around the street corners, staircases in a language that speaks to each foreigner!

I am a silent being that gets possessed by the medulla
Left stiff and stoned when kissed the lips of Medusa
The desire to seduce her overcomes my soul, a virus that then enters my physical.
is my heart pumping or is it always bleeding?
I can never tell the difference but for an instance when I join the circle I feel passion with persistence
This head will blow your brains out!
For once it’s not a derogatory!
I’m left bobbin my head when my heart beat drops!
I am the small crew of activists that’s actually activist
Hashtags died last night for my end is never nigh
In my veins runs the duun duun duun!! Of an old dirty bastard
And make me feel his pain victims of a system that I never teach to my children
It’s boom bap original rap!
It’s starts from yours soul then expressed through your caps?
Somehow I’ve been loosely translated, disciples? Leave me degraded! Let’s get wasted and get faded!!
I am the best rapper alive!! Until you die!! But I will strive!!
And you will hear my heart beat drop!!

Poet Bio

maanda madzhege an IT technician living in venda poetry is hobby that i wish to grow on by learning from the masses

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