When Time Stands Still by Laeeq Orrie

Laeeq Orrie | August 23rd, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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If left too long the whispers of the wind
Will turn to cries, unheard, unseen,
And dreams that once bloomed, vibrant and wild,
Shall wither, like petals, frail and beguiled.

Oh, heed the ticking of the quiet clock,
For moments lost can never be unlocked.
The sun’s embrace that warms the soul,
Fades into shadows, a story untold.

In the caverns of the heart, regrets take root,
Like vines that strangle, bearing bitter fruit.
Love, once ablaze, now flickers in the dark,
A spark extinguished, leaving only a mark.

Let not the sands of time slip through your hands,
Grasp each fleeting second, before it expands,
Into a chasm of lost chances and sorrows,
A tapestry of forgotten tomorrows.

For life’s fragile thread can fray and break,
And the soul’s ache for what’s lost, it cannot slake.
So, gather the fragments of moments gone,
Weave them into a tapestry to carry on.

If left too long, the stars will dim,
And the echoes of laughter will grow dim,
But if embraced with love, fierce and strong,
Time’s fleeting dance becomes a lifelong song.

Poet Bio

Laeeq is a student 17 years of age
Poetry is one of his many great passions
All of his poetic pieces are unique
His every word, is expressed in great complexity.

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