When we are One by Kabelo Mashishi

Kabelo Mashishi | August 3rd, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Have you ever thought
Longer and harder
What we could achieve when we are one
The sky would be within our reach
It would be no more far
Our knowledge would be powerful and make us rich
It would get simpler and simpler to breath
We would be bigger than the big five
When we are one…
The constellation would smile upon us
We would be its true reflection
The spirit of unity flowing through our veins
As we take our rightful reins
And our names wouldn’t be used in vain
When we are one…
The rain would ascend upon us
And it would shower throughout the day
With blessings coming our way
When we’re really democratic
No “my way or the highway”
And there wouldn’t be no turning back
Neither doubts nor second thoughts
No back-stabber,
No bad-loathers,
Where I’m no better than you
But with you I’m better
Where I’m not your leader
But with you we can lead
Not lead a nation to poverty
Not lead a nation to Iraq
Not lead a nation to public riots
Not lead and promise jobs
As we push our glasses up and stutter
While clearing our throats second after second
But lead each other in the right direction
When we are one…

Poet Bio

Kabelo Mashishi is a 28 year old Male from Maboloka, North west. He started writing poetry in 2000. He basically writes about anything and everything that inspires him and events that are happening around our world. http://www.facebook.com/kjmashishi1

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