When We Were Queens by zamantungwa

zamantungwa | December 1st, 2007 | poetry | No Comments

When the lands still hugged Afrika
Before Afrika was called Afrika
When the oceans were one and the lands one

We were queens!

The lands gave not if Mother Nature had none
The nation smiled not if woman cried
Woman smiled not if child cried

We were queens!

Woman was the word before man
And man was the word with woman
The Queens made sure that life persevered
Man made sure that woman persevered

We were queens!

Remember when were queens
Maintaining our queendoms
With the love of Mother earth, nature, god and love
Sharing directly with God, in a personal way
The secrets and mysteries of life and birth

We were queens!

The men became jealous
Exerting their physical powers over us
Waging wars and battles against us!
Scorning womanhood
Dishonouring the queendom
Creating discrimination and chauvinism!

We were queens!

Sista, remember when you were a queen?
Remember when you were a queen?
Remember, sista, when you were a queen?
You are a queen!

We are queens!

You’re a queen, you’re a queen, you’re a queen too,
You’re a queen, so are you and you and you and you
And you too, yes nawe futhi!

Men you are in a company of royalty
Of queens
Wherever there’s womanhood there is queenhood!

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