Where did the spirit go? by Chestlyn Draghoender

Chestlyn Draghoender | Jan 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The hypocrisy and the
The injustice of a gift
Its undeniable effect on
the body.

They lie, and steal, and cheat,
without an ounce of guilt.
Preach the gospel without
consulting the spirit.

The love letters
and the invites to fornicate.
The madness of the accuser.
And the hardness of the
of biblical knowledge.

Where did the spirit go?
What happened to its fruit?
Don’t they know as a man sows
so he shall reap?

Poet Bio

Chestlyn Draghoender is a writer and poet from Ravensmead in Cape Town. He lives books and music. You can visit his blog: or follow him on Twitter: @Geoff_Da_Poet

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