Where I cannot follow by Charl Landsberg

Charl Landsberg | Jan 11th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Me and you by the beach.
You staring up at the sky,
me staring at my feet.
As good a place as any to meet.
Shy kiss, walking hand in hand.
Behaving like we’re kids, standing in the sand.
Uncomplicated love in an uncomplicated way,
no tomorrow, no yesterday.
Watching the sun set,
as the birds swoop and play.
It was a good day.
It was a good day.
It was a good day.
I’d ask if you’d forgiven me yet.
I’d ask for us to go to that place we met.
But death has taken you so far away.

Poet Bio

Charl Landsberg is a South African poet, artist, and musician. Their work focuses on love, issues of social justice, queer issues, especially surrounding transgender issues, and sometimes, rarely, some fantasy and science fiction.

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