Where I Live by Fasaha Mshairi

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Where I live…
Sadness is just a walk away.
It overcomes you every time you walk its way,
But that’s not the only thing that resides there..
There’s Anger, Solemn and Cold.
They overcome you every time you look there….
There are people’s homes without houses,
Our side walks sometimes present us with circumstance,
You might be walking for the last time there.
Guns go off at times but knives are stuck into temples silently there,
Constantly too and nobody will stop to help,
Because it’s home to Solemn and Cold,
There, souls turn cold above ground,
Nobody dares to care…

Where I live,
Harassment is just a walk away,
Where men without business to attend to attend that of other people,
Being female is all you need to feel naked, slutty, filthy and small.
They will spit at your feet at your lack of interest towards their sickness.
You might pass today but one day you might never make it through in time or intact.
They might grab,
Stash you in small spaces,
Tear your clothes and devour your being.
They will leave you to crawl home,
While calling you names
Whilst sharing laughter among themselves just as they did your genitals.
The police might not help
They will arrive at an empty scene and only help you cry.
And the clinic might not help either…

Where I live a lot lives just a walk away,
Hate crimes: homophobic attacks, xenophobic attacks, lust crimes..
Brace yourself before your walk there.

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