Who am I? by Miriam Dube

Miriam Dube | February 28th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


Who am I?
Am I acquainted with myself?
Do I identify with myself?
Am I able to construe myself?
Do I succumb to what people say I am?
Do I except my destiny to be defined by others
Or, do I decide what it should be
Am I the only one who does not see the need to be a groupie?
Or, am I daring to be different
Who am i?
Am I crazy to stop worrying about my dilemmas?
Or, am I choosing to focus on the positives of life’s hurdles
Why don’t I easily get to sway with the crowd?
Because my mission in life is clear
Who am I? 
I am the daughter of those who dared to be different
I inherited the genes of the valiant Smarts Dube and the insightful Lucy Dube
I am a reproduction of failures enemy
I am what I am because I was made and chose to become who I am
Shame me, defeat me, hate me, but you can never delete me
I concur with what my destiny should be
I concur with what I ought to be one day
I concur with all the blessing that will be spread all over me
Because? I know who I am
I am what I am and I am who I am
Compliments to a courageous clan
And you?
Do you know – what or who you are!!!

Poet Bio

My name is Miriam Dube and i am 28 years old and working as Human Resource Practitioner and i am an aspiring writer. I recently completed my first book that covers self motivation and the challenges that teenage and young women face but not yet published. I come from Upington in the Northen Cape. I always had a passion for writting and literature and i am aspiring to go into teachning one day.

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