Who wants to be here by TS Davis

TS Davis | January 18th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I stare
Out the window,
Beyond the bars,
Slats of glass into orderly window panes.
My soul soars
Into the dreams of a fathomless sky.
Because – who wants to be here?
With pain so insufferable –
Your bones feel as feeble
As the dust and dirt around your feet.
The ground, breathing deep and slow
Would swallow me whole.
And while I cast my sights
To the clouds,
Marvelling… And longing
– my tenacious reality, nails me down.
Like a young Messiah, weeping for His beloved world.

Poet Bio

Her name is Tamsyn Samantha Allies and she is an English teacher. Currently, she lives with her elderly aunt and uncle in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town. She found her passion for poetry at the age of 17 when reading an anthology she had borrowed from the local library and wrote a lot of her own back then. Unfortunately, she never kept the poems. After two English degrees and then a debilitating stomach problem, she has finally decided to share a bit of her talents. She is currently working from home and takes care of her three dogs; Oegies, Bluey and Squiggles.

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