Winter / Beweeg by Rishan Singh

Rishan Singh | May 9th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

Poet Bio

Ek is vakansiedinge.
Ek kan loop. Ek kan eet.
Ek ken hom or haar nie,
Ek moet glimlag: Ek is my eie plek.

Ek is vakansiedinge.
Ek drink. Ek slaap.
Ek lief nie. Ek verlief nie,
Hulle my êrens vat.

Ek is vakansiedinge.
Ek moet huis toegaan. Ek moet bly.
Ek huil. Ek glimlag. Ek lief. Ek haat.
Ek is vakansiegoed: Ek moet dadelikluister.

About the Poem

This poem is about inanimate objects (or things) that can be taken from place to place. The poem has been given two titles that are suitable. There is a sense of happiness and unhappiness experienced by these inanimate objects (or things) in the poem. The poet highlights that such objects/things, often, don’t have a choice and that they are forced to relocate from place to place whenever their owners decide to take them somewhere. The titles of the poem indicates that the poem is about daily incidences where people move things (or objects) (often in suitcases/bags) from territory to territory. The poet doesn’t give too much attention to emotions in the poem. However, he lists the emotions involved during the movement from place to place. Therefore, this poem is about incidences or cases.

Poet Bio

Rishan Singh is ‘n biologië and gedigter. Sy poësie het in baie boeke en journale gepubliseer. Hy het ‘n gedigter-prys van die Goewerment van Indië gekry.

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1 thought on “Winter / Beweeg by Rishan Singh”

  1. Writer’s note:

    The word ‘or’ in the first stanza, third line, could be used interchangeably (or replaced) with the word ‘of’.

    The use of any one of these two words would not alter the meaning of this stanza, or the poem.

    From– Rishan Singh

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