Wis-Dom by Tlaki

Tlaki | September 12th, 2023 | poetry | 1 Comment

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I come to realize and present
The annoyance and frowning
That a soul so diverted and skew
Hangout linen in summer
Instead of hibernating from hyenas

If purpose and reason be shared
Why even a less breathed being
Of no decades but years
Would still realize and announce
How often deeds and word be

The prideful and empty tin
The loudest cry of all alive
What a concoction of breaths
That hold nothing but eyes
To wonder at such wis-dom

Twenty-and-four in circles
Moon, stars, sun and blue sky
Droplets, gushers, storms and all
Jammed with no intention to go

Is it genes or practice
Lacking in practice that makes perfect
Does experience need siblings
How long does it take
To gain wisdom from wis-dom?

Poet Bio

Tlaki is new at poetry writing and finds writing fulfilling and therapeutic. A teacher by profession, and an English teacher, she has always enjoyed poetry since tertiary and is now into writing. She has also been an English tutor for about a decade at Unisa.

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