Without bitterness or spite by Refiloe Mdluli

Refiloe Mdluli | October 4th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Cold,cruel & cutting words were thrown at me with pride
by one who has chosen to longer remain by my side.
The smouldering coals of our love died before my eyes.
The honey coated words you once whispered to me have turned to lies.
My dear love you promised me forever. How then could you the tether of our love server?
Memories of your kisses remain branded on my lower lip.
Your words made me believe I had found everlasting companionship.
The sky seemed to wear a magnificent blue for you & I.
In your company I did not see as time passed by.
Your untangling from me was quite fast…as you rushed to obey the commands of your lust.
Without bitterness or spite I bid you farewell.
May your new love become a great tale to tell.

Poet Bio

Refiloe loves writing creative pieces. She has always been fascinated by the ability of words to fashion worlds and experiences. She recently decided to go back to her first love: poetry. She is in her “happy girl” era.

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