Yearning by Tulile Siguca

Poetry Potion | March 5th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

My finger tips have never nibbled their way across your skin, they know not how it feels to be filled by the softness that pours through your pores from within
Your delicate scent is yet to caress in a single whiff all my senses and render them senseless
I may never be blessed with the sight of your light so My heathen eyes saw it best to fantasize about the heaven that is your smile
And Though I may never bask in your presence for hours I know no love that conquers ours
We may not know adventures between covers
But I know that we are not lovers because of the love we make
There’s more at stake, you see with love it takes a great deal more to make it paradise
It is the beauty you see in everything that’s to be chastised
Its you and I always on the same side,you being my safe side
Love is when there’s less pride
To walk hand in hand through every stride even the rocky side
It is how I have nothing to hide because your awe inspiring mind is so in link with mine that is has mastered telepathy
You have became every part of me
I will eternally be devoted to thee,Thine
Sweet vine
You get better with time
And I want to spend every second of mine in the safehouse of your heart.

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