Yellow Glasses by Sethu Nguna

Poetry Potion | December 17th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Won’t you paint me again?
Allow me the role of muse to rogue promises and swollen desire.
Dotted reference to past passions quenched and dried on frames.
Wide strokes to set romance and rehearsed hues of sentiment.
The landscapes are shifting with sweat,
So pour more shades for the Light dear.
Speak truth on canvas and convert the unsure of the promise of love.
An artist’s eyes fixed on creation have no fear.
It’s alright, I’m not dangerous.
Whispers leave lines.
Continue to scratch on easel what you wish dear.

Poet Bio

Sethu Nguna is a poet based in East London who enjoys walks on the beach and walking in the middle of empty avenues.
Inspired by Audre Lorde, Sylvia Plath and Langston Hughes, the poet’s lens is the urban and modern take on floating emotions, carved thoughts and the youthful experience of budding adulthood.


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