Yesterday’s Over by Rishan Singh

Rishan Singh | August 4th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Times change:
the Winter’s here
It’s hot and miserable,
everyone sleeps.

The recipe changes:
Autumn leaves fall
It’s sandy and windy,
everyone hides.

The sounds murmur:
Spring blooms
It’s misty and foggy,
we no longer here.

Poet Bio

Rishan Singh is a poet and young leader in the field of science. He was on the longlist at the 2014 eThekwini Municipality Library Awards hosted by the Department of Parks, Leisure and Recreation in Durban. Having had poems published in English and Afrikaans in his country, his writing overseas appear in books, with some fiction writing being published in the United States. He lives in Durban, South Africa, where he works as a biologist and writer.

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