Yet you don’t care by Cean Nguyen

Quaz | May 8th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


The world is filled with disease, poverty and terror
There are people living in constant horror
Yet you don’t care

There are people out there risking lives
From doctors in the hospital
To the officers in the country borders
Working relentlessly to protect others
Yet you don’t care

Yet you don’t care
Because you are selfish
You don’t care if people have nothing to eat
You don’t care if people have no bed to sleep
You don’t care if the death rate is increasing
You only care for your convenience, your fun, your party
You don’t even bother to obey the rules
That was set for your safety

Everyone else is trying their best
Yet you don’t care.

Poet Bio

I am a junior learning English Teacher Education while having a deep passion for literature. I pay much attention to cultural, environmental and societal issues, and I am also into research.
I have only published some of my poems and writings on social platforms, yet I want my voice to be louder, to be spread wider, to be heard. I also want to learn more from others to further develop my self and my writings.

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