You and I by Mohamed Sheikh Abdiaziz

Mohamed Sheikh Abdiaziz | August 3rd, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

You and I have one thing in common
Growing up in the country and herding goats
Living in the city now and fermenting new schemes
Reading books, not really; only the reviews
Sitting in coffee shops and taking countless cups of tea
A love for the arts and having pretentious intellectual conversations
A passion for all things volatile and passing; football and politics
Making lists we never follow through and budgets
Walking the empty streets of the city on Sundays
Taking mental photograph of things we like; nature
Imagining phantom things and believing all things abstract
Holding on to stale things and being sentimental
Planning for dreamy trips to Rome, Venice and ancient Greece
Laughing heartily and for no apparent reason; haha… haha
Raising hell when we are enraged and absolutely gutted
Wearing glasses and being geeky and all; real nerds
Pocketing while walking and humming about some song
Dancing to Turbulence and getting high on some shit
You and I have one thing in common
But I keep wondering which of the above it will really be
‘Cause you and I are yet to cross paths in this maze called life.

Poet Bio

Mohamed Abdiaziz is his Father’s son. He was born on 26/06/1982 in Mandera, a small town on the border between Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. His parents were immigrants from Ethiopia and he, ridiculous as it may sound, is a Kenyan Somali. He trained at Egerton University, Nakuru Kenya as a clinician. Currently he is an aid worker based in Somalia. He uses poetry as a getaway from his daily routine. Poetry helps him find his inner voice and calm. He also writes short stories as and when moved. He has some of his poems and short stories published on the web.

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