You are not your own by S.C Netha

S.C Netha | July 21st, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Superhero without the cape
Giver of yourself, to people
Angel on this wretched earth you are
unappreciated. We forget, my apologies, we ignore that you gave.
Still, give. Of yourself every day.
Your pain is the reason we heal
Your sadness is the reason we smile
Superhero without the cape, you are not your own.
You were made to rescue our humble souls from imminent death.
Made to stand between us and the consequences of our actions.
Made to compensate for our shortcomings
Superhero without the cape
Older brother, I wonder
If you do anything else other than saving other people.
Other than giving yourself up
And showing unconditional love
Superhero without the cape
You are not your own.

Poet Bio

Sibonginkosi Netha is a 20-year-old aspiring writer from Bulawayo. She writes poetry and interesting pieces about life on her blog. She writes mostly from personal experience but also from observing the world through the eyes of an anxious, overthinking teenager. Her current goal is to motivate and encourage young people to reach out to one another and talk honestly about how they feel. She is also an ambassador for #PlatonicIntimacy and believes that love was Jesus’ greatest gift to the world. Her favourite things in this world are Nayyirah Waheed quotes, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie novels and dark-skinned boys with golden hair. She signs of all her blog posts with “Love Light” and is hoping to someday be the face of Depression Zimbabwe.

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1 thought on “You are not your own by S.C Netha”

  1. I really enjoyed your poem, you painted a picture that one could easily live into.

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