You blinded by Marota Aphane

Marota Aphane | April 18th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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Come! Come walk with me
In the landscape of my weeping heart

Come see with me
The undulating Mount-Everest-s
Miseries of social-stigmas
I shoulder all dawns to dusks

Come taste with me
My sour meandering streams of tears that never
Waters the ground even in the ugliest-bluest-moons

Hush! Hush!
Hear those stinking hoots of owls from the night-turned-side
Cursing my woman-hood?

Come. Oh! come feel with me
The sole island woman of ancient tender rocks
That never melts to the million scorching suns

You blinded!
Come walk with me in the landscape of my weeping heart.

Poet Bio

Marota Aphane is poet, playwright and academic who published both literary (poetry & plays) and academic works in national and international journals such as, New coin, Sweet magazine, Agenda, Kotatz, TurfWrite, Magic with Words, Systemic Practice Action Research, Journal of Education, Educational Research for Social Change, South African Medical Journal, Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, The Southern African Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies etc. He co-authored collection of poems, Poetic encounter: Rhapsodies from the South in 2018.

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