You love it by Mmangwedi

Writing Prompt | Dec 1st, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


The gossipers and the criminals,
The misogynists and the rapists,
The abusers and the narcissists,
the terrible ones,
do nothing,
but take!
the poisonous ones,
whose venom slithers down your bones until they decay,
they wound and gyrate your insides into bountiful toxicity,
Selfish people suck you dry,
their words deplete you,
their hate destroys nations and psyches,
and then, you vote them into power,
You call them leaders,
you celebrate their status,
you give them their flowers,
you celebrate their mediocrity,
because that’s what capitalism does,
It blinds you from greed,
but you love it.
you love it.

Poet Bio

Kebotlhale Motseothata is a multidisciplinary poet, writer, scholar and researcher.

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