You Still Say We Ought To Trust In Your God by Leonard Webber

Leonard Webber | Jun 27th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Being born has never been a soul’s picking
Like slaves going through the cotton fields
But still we have to plead for life,
With our knees dented
By sat gravels as we grovel before him;
Seeking relief as hunger struck the hut like a ghost,
Silently leaving a clan in the lurch and feeble.
We perished like the conurbation of Jerusalem
While your God observed
And you, you still say we ought to trust in your God

Gaze what method churches gives birth
To one another with devotions for mercy
Burgeoning like population in china.
Yet we still find statistic of prayers parallel
To the death toll from civil warfare,
Tears leaving our lips salty and dry
Because we still weep like there is no God,
All optimisms is gutted out by cyclones
While your God observed.
And you, you still say we ought to trust in your God.

You say the God you are adulating shaped all,
The good and the bad, the rich and the poor,
He gives life and takes life
He knows all that still to come.
So was he mindful of the day that my best friend
Upturned in the vehicle and left us?
With nothing but memories clutched in our hands,
Because our heart with anger
Abandoned everything we believed in,
Including him.
Earth is hell, yet we still urge for heaven
While your God observes us as we burn.
And you, you still say we out to trust in your God

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