You, The Heretic by nimar

nimar | January 21st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

a phantom; and of a pantomime
after grey and to before white
i’m at the end but you’ll find me too at the beginning
two lines; parallel…
i’m nothing – nothing that think that you understand
and nothing that you could mend
(let’s play pretend)
have you ever wandered?
and have You? or the least to have wondered instead
(i’ll be invisible and You,
the lonesome, eccentric friend)
this path is broken – there is no end
i’m nothing that you are
or that of what you want me to be
yet we’re so much alike:
a day without dusk
a night without dawn
to decipher me is to decapitate yourself;
to finally materialize
and dematerialize
i’m nothing that i can explain
just (please) don’t forget My name

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