Your mouth is full of death by Wadzie Tads.

Wadzie Tads | Mar 28th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I could feel the warmth of your embrace
I started drawing closer and closer
My blood was now flowing in the opposite direction
From the bottom to the top
All I know is that I was leaning towards you
I could hear you breathing
The smell of your cologne was choking me
I should have realised that trouble was brewing
But I was in the moment, in the zone
Oblivious to my surroundings
I thought you were leaning forward to kiss me
But there was a sharp pain on my lips
The pain started to burn me as it took over my body like a parasite takes over its host
The blood on my lips turned black
I started screaming hysterically
You pushed me to the ground and walked away, even jumping over me
I pleaded with you to not leave me
But you still walked away
Leaving me to bleed out
For my blood to water the earth on which I was laying
And for my body to return to the earth from which it had come from
I kept pleading but you kept walking
The light became dimmer and dimmer until I could not see anything anymore
It is then that I realised that your mouth was full of death
It had taken everything from me!
Your mouth is full of death
It has taken everything from me!

Poet Bio

My name is Wadzie Tads. A girl of many passions.

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