Your side or mine? by Promise Hu

Promise Hu | August 21st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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I never knew when Big Brother, Homie,
had lost his life until his baby mom
from way-back-when needed a 1 –
She hit me up like, ‘he lost to the gun.’

I’m a cold one,
I told her, I’m no saviour
sent back from the holy scriptures,
can you hear this line?

I bleed rivers for his distance,
But he took both his coins with him.
He paid his fare.
You’re on the bank, whatcha say?
Do you need a line?

“Is this good for her?
Both parents down the river,
who is her lifeline?
Tell me, is this fair?”

“Tell me, will she find time to be true to her mind?
Or will she find fillers plugging divots in her pastime and lifetime

Poet Bio

Writing is an incredible thing, to have people like y’all who dedicate yourselves to this is incredible. I only want to absorb, never steal or appropriate, or misappropriate.

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